Learning with ELIĀ 

At ELI we have designed our curriculum and teaching methodology to match the highest international standards, yet we personalise our approach so we can meet the needs of every individual learner.

We offer a range of programs that have the potential to truly transform the lives of our students. For young adults aged 16 to 18, our High School programme offers international students a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in some of the best boarding and day schools in the country. Our partner High Schools offer the perfect environment to develop in one of the top ranked education systems in the world leading to university in Ireland or beyond. Our Pathway Program helps international students to prepare for further study in Ireland with a strong emphasis on the English language and the soft skills required to access Higher Education, with a free university placement service.

Learning with ELI

Teaching Methodology

Using a communicative approach our lessons are taught using a task-based method involving topics and themes from everyday life. We use a central course book and workbook for each level and teachers supplement these using authentic materials including newspapers, online videos, and audio.

Defined Progress

For every level we teach, our curriculum is made up of clearly defined skills and abilities. Our experienced teachers will help guide you through each level with a progress test and progress report every 6 weeks, and a level progression test after 12 weeks.